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Helping you to build your Brand and Business Profits

About Graham Lee

I am an experienced professional with over 30 years success in building UK and International brands in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) markets. I have worked at all levels in small, medium, and large organisations, with 12 years as Marketing Director. My experience spans Food, Beverage and Well Being markets.

About the Services

I specialise in helping my clients to achieve profitable brand development.

I aim to achieve a virtuous circle of marketing investment. By that I mean helping my clients to identify, prepare and invest in specific marketing activities that lead to more sales and more profit than the cost of that activity. So the activity itself helps to enhance profits that can pay for the next investment. Such a process not only aims to enhance a clientís profits, but also adds to shareholder equity by improving the value of the business.

I am more than a marketing consultant. I act as a clientís marketing department. I help a client create a brand strategy, identify specific plans, and then help to implement those plans. My work involves a process that is focussed on matching the unique qualities of a clientís product to the needs of the consumer, and then identifying how to communicate this to the trade customer and the ultimate consumer.

Are you a potential client?

My typical clients are companies with innovative product ideas, but who donít employ a full time marketing specialist.

Some clients need help with getting their product concept ready for bringing to market.

Others have distribution for their products, but are experiencing difficulties in building further retail distribution, and may have hit a ceiling in sales. They need help in understanding why, and creating a plan that will move the brand forward again.

How I charge

My charges are always agreed with you in advance. The basis is to charge for the time spent on your business. This can be capped so that you know your budget will not be exceeded.

My charges are based on a day rate or hourly rate. For further information please contact me.

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